Our Pricing For Your Business Selling Needs










Document Size

Approximately 10 - 40 pages


3-5 Days (Depending on additional requirements)


Simple & easy to read document tailored to prospective buyers & investors




Document Size

Approximately 1-2 pages

48 Hours


Well-written business for sale advertisement for your listing.
Covering all the basics – overview, industry, location, price, etc. while maintaining the confidentiality of the business

Our prices vary for every project and country. For further information regarding pricing, please send an email to info@businesssalewriter.com.au or request a proposal to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (For Business Brokers & Small Business Owners)

Where are you located?

We are currenty based in Cairns Queensland. 

Can we meet?

If you are in Cairns, I would love to meet with you however face-to-face meetings are not usually required. Generally, we can manage everything over the Internet and by phone

Can you price my business or listing?

We provide writing services only. We cannot determine a price for your business/listing or provide you with any sort of business valuation. 

Will your services guarantee that my business or listings will sell?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your business or listings will sell. We can promise you, is that you will get outstanding business sale documents at an affordable price. The rest will come down to your ability to find a buyer/investor and other important factors that go into successfully selling a business. 

What is the payment process?

No upfront deposit required. We will issue an invoice for the service once the first draft is completed and submitted to you. Rest assured that even once the payment is received, we can make as many revisions as you like. Payment for any of our services must be made by direct bank transfer from your nominated bank account. 

What information / documents do you need from me?

The information we require will depend on the type of service you are after, the type of business, and what you would like to remain confidential. Please get in touch with me to discuss this in detail. 

Do you write the confidentiality agreement & the business sale contract?

No, we don’t create these type of documents 

Will I own the copyright for the documents & copy you create for me?

Absolutely, Once the work is completed and payment has been received in full, all rights for the documents and copy I’ve created for you, revert to you.

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