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Are you still writing the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) for all your business listings? 

Information Memorandum Writing Service for Business Brokers

Do you want to spend time listing and selling more businesses without the hassle of writing the Confidential Information memorandum? 

Look no further!  We can help you free up you time by writing this document at a very cheap price. 

If you are looking for an ad writing service in addition to creating the CIM for your listings, visit the business brokers page for more information.

An Information Memorandum also known as an IM is a marketing sales document that provides an in-depth overview of the business being offered for sale. 

Information Memorandum Content

The content of each information memorandum we write will vary depending on the type of business  and what you or the seller want to remain confidential.

Information Memorandum business brokers


For further information regarding pricing, please send an email to or get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Contents of the Information Memorandum

Items required to produce the Information Memorandum:

We understand that it can be hard to obtain all the required items from the seller so we ensure that there is no upfront deposit required and the commencement of the service will only happen once all the required information is sent to us. 

The Writing Process

Step 1

You will be required to send through the list of items and documents (via email) needed before we can commence the service.

Step 2

We will provide you with a draft copy of the of the information memorandum in Word document format. Corrections and improvements are then discussed. 

Step 3

You will then send through any additional requests you would like us to make to the Information Memorandum.

Step 4

We finalize the Information Memorandum and send this back to you for a final approval. We will then issue an invoice for the service once the first draft is sent.

Additional Services

Additional help & support can be provided with re-writing old and outdated information memorandums & advertising content

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