Hi, my name is Richard, and having worked in business brokering for the past 4 years, I have helped hundreds of small business owners in preparing their business ready for sale and helping them move onto the next chapter of their life

In 2016 I moved to Brisbane, I started working in business brokering where my initial duties included administration and marketing. A year later, I moved up the ranks and positioned myself as a business broker after completing the necessary courses needed to become one in Queensland Australia.

During this time, my day to day responsibilities included;

  • Meeting business owners
  • Preparing businesses for sale by creating the information memorandum, advertisement, and additional marketing materials
  • Advertising and marketing businesses for sale
  • Creating email campaigns
  • Working on appraisals
  • Communicating with both buyers and sellers
  • Assisting in the sale of businesses

In early 2020, I decided to part ways with the team and move back to Cairns so I could be closer to family.

This is when I started Business Sale Writer!

I have maintained a strong relationship with all my colleagues, clients, and mentors who have helped me along my journey.

Preparing compelling business sale documents can be very time consuming for most business brokers and small business owners.

I want to help by doing this for you and save you valuable time and money!

Feel free to contact me to talk about your needs. I look forward to speaking with you.

Richard Bristoe

Richard Bristoe
Richard Bristoe


In the time that I've been using Richards services I have found him to be very professional in our dealings & I have been very impressed with the quality of the work coming out of his office. The process Richard has in place for me makes my job a little easier & frees me up to do what I do best & at a very reasonable cost. Keep up the good work.
Richard is very experienced at writing business profiles and preparing businesses for sale. I have been fortunate to work alongside Richard since the early days of Transworld Brisbane and he has assisted greatly in our success
Richard has freed up the time I used to take with putting together a Business Sales Document. He has assisted me greatly in writing the Information Memorandum and Advertisement copy for my listings. I highly recommend his services to anyone that is in need of a quality memorandum & advertisement prepared
Chris testimonial -Business Sale Writer
Chris Cooper
Business Owner / Business Broker

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